Adrien Bronner Is Getting Sued For Saying Some Chick Gave Him Crabs


Via- Complex Sports

Back in 2013, Broner put together a 7-minute clip called “Adrien Broner Recalls When He Caught Crabs For The First Time” that featured him talking about dealing with an STD. In the video, he explained that it took him awhile for him to realize that he once had crabs but that he finally realized it after he started to have trouble sleeping at night because of all the itching. And towards the end of the video, he also identified the woman that he believed gave him the crabs and added, “I wouldn’t Facebook poke this bitch.”

Classy, right? It could turn out to be a really costly mistake on his part. Had he simply told the story and not mentioned the woman, he probably would have been in the clear. But it seems word of the video eventually made it back to her, and she is now suing Broner in Ohio because of the emotional distress he has caused her. She claims she was embarrassed by the video and that she wasn’t the one who gave Broner crabs.



Hey lady, you ever heard of the saying glass half full? Yea I’m sure it sucks being known as the STD chick but if we’re talking about the list of STD’s you can be known for crabs has got to be somewhere right there at the bottom of the list. Seriously, is crabs even a thing anymore? You go out, have a few drinks, bump uglies, wake up with ants in your pants, then swing by the clinic and grab yourself a z-pack and BOOM. Problem solved. Chalk it up to nothing more than a crazy story and a night full of regret. Water under the bridge. There’s chicks running around out there with HPV, there’s chicks running around out there with herpes, there’s chicks running around out there with HIV and full blown AIDS, but I don’t see any of those chicks filing lawsuits. Word to the wise, toots: No one thinks about you as much as you think they do. I’ve been doing this Internet thing for a long time now and trust me, it’s only a matter of time before the Internet finds some other chick with an STD to make fun of and then you’ll be nothing more than an Internet fossil. Get over yourself, doll.

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