Redlegs All-Star Recap


Take a bow, Cincinnati. Seriously, job well done. Admittedly the entire time I was just sitting there like that dog in the flaming room meme just waiting for something bad to happen because in Cincinnati nothing ever goes right, but fortunately that moment never came. The weather held off, Todd won the Home Run Derby, and Pete Rose was back on a baseball field again. Everything came up Cincy. All week long the media raved about what a great show the Reds and the City of Cincinnati put on for the national spotlight and the game itself last night was no exception. Let’s take a look:

Rose, Morgan, Bench, Larkin named Reds ‘Franchise Four’

Most of those guys were well before my time, but I was fortuate enough to remember Larkin towards the end of his Redlegs career. I wanted to do everything like Barry. Same swing, same shoes, right down to the same wristbands. Larkin was the man and obviously one of my favorite players so it was nice seeing him make the cut. Pretty solid looking Franchise Four if you ask me. When teams are running out the likes of Carlos Delgado, Ben Zobrist, and Jeff Conine as part of their franchise four, it’s pretty impressive to think about how fortunate the Reds have been from a talent standpoint and how many good players got left off the list. No Perez, no Griffey, no Concepcion. The list goes on.

Sucks that Joe Morgan is using a cane these days.



Koufax To Bench First Pitch Is Cincinnati Baseball At It’s Finest


How many other towns can run out a couple legends like that who both have local ties? Foufax with the Bearcats and Bench a HOF career with the Redlegs.

Yadier Molina Booed Off the Field

To this day, every time I look at Yadier Molina my blood boils with the fire of a thousand suns, so it actually pains me to say that Yadi handled that like a champ. As an athlete anytime you’re in a stadium full of people who’d rather see you mauled to death by ten lions gladiator style, you gotta just smile, embrace the hate, and ham it up for the cameras, which is exactly what he did. Fuck Yadier Molina, but he played that one like a real pimp.

Todd Frazier Goes 0-3


If anyone deserves a free pass for going 0-3 in an All-Star Game, that man would be Todd Frazier. You gotta believe he was just worn out from the night before and that fatigue and those big ol’ hacks won’t carry over into the second half of the season. Seriously, Todd, we need you. You’re the only bright spot left.

Chapman Fans the Side


chappy heat

I don’t want to be negative about the most dominant performance of anyone regardless of position in the ASG, but does anyone get the feeling Chapman has been sandbagging a bit? At times he’s looked a little shaky- even against bad teams- but then he comes out against the best hitters in the world and makes them look more confused than your grandpa trying to work an iPhone 6. Can you really blame him though? I think that sort of comes with the territory when you’re the best closer in the game on a team that doesn’t win baseball games.

chappy shoes

Also Chapman’s kicks are “When you accidentally step on the black rubber strip outside your back door on a summer afternoon” hot. Five flames.

PS- Pete’s outfit selection last night was a bit too subdued for Pete if we’re being honest. I’m a bit disappointed, although gator boots and the all white hat are vintage Pete.


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