Humpday Hottie: Monica Bellucci





Word to all you ladies out there: It’s pretty simple to be featured as QCBL’s Humpday Hottie. All you have to do is just be super hot and super famous or kind of be the “it” girl at the moment, which works out great for Monica because not only is she featured in Italy’s GQ this month, she’s starrting in Spectre, the last installment of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. Bittersweet for me because as skeptical as I was about Craig at first, I thought he’s absolutely crushed all three Bond movies he’s been in so far. Plus I’m a big James Bond fanboy so anytime a new film is about to drop I get that old giddy feeling on the inside again. Peep the new trailer. 007 gets his shiny new gadgets, dispatches a few useless henchmen, fucks Bellucci, explosions, kills Christopher Waltz, saves the world. Did I miss anything? Nope? Great. Sure looks like a Bond film to me.

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