The Drake Vs. Meek Mill Twitter Beef That Set the Internet On Fire





Everyone that knows me knows I’ve been team Drake from the jump. Started listening to his stuff back in college not too long after “Comeback Season” dropped and been a huge fan boy ever since, but I’m actually taking Meek’s side on this one. Not like I’m gonna jump ship, I still think Drake is better, but I can actually see where Meek is coming from. First of all, not writing your own rhymes is a BIG no no in the rap game. I know this is Hollywood and nobody comes up with their own stuff anymore, but getting called out for having a ghostwriter is like steroid rumors in baseball. Even if they’re not true that could will always hang over your head and no matter where you go fans will show up with signs and haters will chirp you on Twitter day in and day out.

Secondly, Meek really didn’t have much of a say in the matter either. He didn’t go looking for beef, beef found him. Let me explain. You ever been out at the bar with your girlfriend and you run into a chick she swears has been trying to hook up with you? At that point it doesn’t matter if you had planned on calling it a night early with some pizza and a “Netflix and chill” session. Shit’s about to go down and you’re in it for the long haul. If your girlfriend wants to get shithoused and bar make out with you in front of everyone then you better be prepared to rip ten shots of Fireball and suck some face. If she wants to get all up in that other girls grill and tell her off then you better be right there in her corner. So if your girl is a multi-platinum rapper that’s going at it on Twitter with some awkward white pop star, you can’t just sit around with your thumb in your ass. You gotta pick up your phone and start throwing shade at somebody. Anybody. Not for you, for her, and who better to have in your crosshairs than Drake? Anyone that’s been online for five minutes knows that Drake is the easiest person to make fun of on the Internet. All those memes and the “Drake the type of nigga” accounts, not to mention that I’m sure Meek Mill isn’t too keen on Drake being so close to Nicki…

Oh who am I kidding. The Drake vs. Meek Mill Twitter beef doesn’t have anything to do with album credits, it’s 1000% because Drake has probably fucked Nicki Minaj at some point along the line. Girls LOVE Drake. Nicki not excluded. I’ve taken two chicks to two different Drake concerts and he always does this thing in the middle of the show where he stops and starts pointing out all sorts of chicks in the stands and that front row looks like a God damn tidal wave. Soak city. It doesn’t matter if you’re some schmo who spent $300 on nosebleed tickets or you’re big name gangsta rapper, if Drake wants to fuck your girlfriend he’s probably going to fuck your girlfriend because that’s just how Drake rolls. So I can’t necessarily blame Meek for wanting to trash Drake especially when his girlfriend is on record as saying, “niggas know my pussy taste like mango-tango so they put a couple karats in my ankle bangles.”

PS- I thought we were done with this soft ass rap beef? Last week Baby and Young Thug were trying to kill Wayne and now we got two of raps heavyweights slugging it out over Twitter? Get lost you two.

Also is it even a rap beef if cool girl Chrissy doesn’t weigh in?

Double PS- R.I.C.O. still bangs.

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