The Kid Who Ran Out On the Field the Other Day Has a GoFundMe To Raise Money For Bail (Charity)



So I realize it’s 2015 and there’s a GoFundMe for literally everything you can think of. People are making 5 figures for selling potato salad recipes for Christ’s sake, but anyone that donates bail money to this kid’s GoFundMe page is the biggest loser on the planet. I don’t think I’d post bail for even my best of friends. Not unless they took the fall for something I did directly like D-Roc did for Biggie Smalls with that gun. Then I’d post bail and have some sort of measly trust fund set up for them when they got out of prison, but outside of that if you’re a grown man and you decide to willingly break the law like that then you have to just man up and accept the consequences of your actions. Apparently all the money is going to charity, which is great and all, but if you want to donate money to a good cause just start a GoFundMe that blatantly says you’re trying to raise money for a good cause. From where I’m sitting, it looks like the kid really was trying to trying to raise money for bail then had to do an about face at the slightest sign of public backlash.

I went on record as saying I’d have a beer with this kid, and I stand by that still, but can’t we all just accept this whole thing for what it really was? Yea, it was funny and buzzworthy and probably the most entertaining thing that’s happened at a Reds game all season, but let’s just leave it at that. Now the kid is trying WAY to hard to capitalize on his 15 minutes and it just looks pathetic. But I guess that makes sense though because to this point the entire 2015 season has been pathetic so we’ve come full circle.

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