Johnny Cueto Traded to the Kansas City Royals



Last night during the game I was talking about how any team that needed to see anything more out of Johnny Cueto after that start against the Rockies probably didn’t even really want Cueto in the first place. Well, I guess the Royals weren’t one of those teams. Before the game was even finished Twitter was jumping with rumors about where Johnny would wind up. Not the first time that’s happened, and it’s not the first time you’ve read something like this so if the tone of this piece sounds repetitive, my apologies. As a matter of fact, this blog has more or less written itself several times over the past month or so. The last three or four starts have been deemed “Johnny Cueto’s last start for the Reds,” and last night clearly gave off those vibes more than any of the others, so I’m not going to get too nostalgic or teary eyed. I’ve already done that before. And before that. And before that. I’m just happy that Johnny is going to get a chance to go someplace where he can actually compete for a pennant because obviously that wasn’t going to happen here in Cincinnati. The guy is way too good of a pitcher to just waste away here on a struggling team in a mediocre Midwestern city. Some birds aren’t meant to be caged. They need to be set free even if that’s hard to swallow and if Johnny taking the bump in Kansas City is going to give him the best opportunity to win now and set himself up for a some big time coin next season in free agency then so be it. Johnny was one of my favorite Reds of this generation and was an absolute pleasure to watch pitch. I’ll miss the complete games and crazy swings and the little shimmy shakes out there on the mound, but clearly this deal was best for both parties and it’s going to be fun to see how things shake out for both sides moving forward. I’ll continue to follow Johnny for the rest of his time here in the bigs and I think I speak for all of Cincinnati when I say thank you Johnny for all the memories. Things weren’t always perfect, but nothing Cueto did in a Reds uniform went unnoticed. Good luck and Godspeed.

PS- Couldn’t even give the best pitcher this organization has seen in the past 30 years a proper send off, huh? Had to make the rookie break that news to his face?

Cueto- “Hey man, what are you doing out here?”

Lorenzen- “Uh yea, coach told me to come out here and warm up.”

Cueto- “Yea?”

Lorenzen- “Yea. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but I don’t think you play for our team anymore, man.”

Stay classy, Reds

Double PS- What was up with that 9th inning last night? Diaz comes in and gives up a couple runs and Suarez was booting balls all over the infield? Kind of a microcosm of Cueto’s career here. Go out and toss an absolute gem only to go back to the dugout and watch the rest of our idiots make things waaaayyy to interesting. I don’t know if it’s ever easy to say goodbye to the team you came up with for years, but that last inning had to be somewhat of a good riddance moment for JC.

Also, my last Johnny Cueto tidbit: When I was in college I worked at a local sporting goods store and Cueto came in one day with his crew to buy a bunch of weight equipment. Cueto didn’t take one look at any of the weights, he just sat there on one of the stationary bikes fucking around on his phone. Made me and the rest of his boys load like 500 lbs of weight into the back of his blacked out Escalade with the peanut butter interior then came back in and paid close to $1000 in straight cash homie. Didn’t even have a wallet either. Just pulled a wad of cash out of his jeans and paid in all 100’s. Boss shit.

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