Pensacola Blue Wahoos Manager Pat Kelly Had a Meltdown For the Ages Last Night

pat kelly


And that’s why you go to minor league baseball games. You don’t go for the warning track power or pitchers struggling to locate their fastball, you go for the on field antics, the goofy mascot races, and the Jose Canseco home run derby’s. Sort of like when you go to a Cyclones game, you probably could care less about what happens on the ice. You’re just in the house for the free beer while you sit there with your fingers crossed hoping for a fight. In the same light, you go to a Wahoos game to see Pat Kelly lose his shit and go nose to nose with the guys in blue. Love the jersey toss and the rosin bag deodorant move. None of that’s premeditated like the Phillip Wellman grenade toss. That’s 100% authentic. That’s the mark of a man whose blown a gasket and just needs to blow off some steam. The mark of a man who probably hit the showers early and was waiting for the umps in the parking lot with a 40 of Steel Reserve and a tire iron.

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