Watch This White Boy Hooper Flush Down a Sick Two Handed Jam and Lose His Drawers In the Process

white kid


I actually relate to this kid a lot because I know how tough it can be as a white kid on the basketball court. When you’re out there on the mean streets a lot of times no one will take you seriously. Everyone will think you’re about as much a threat to them as a gazelle is to a lion. If you really want to make your mark, you gotta do something that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Drain a million three’s, drop some sick dimes, throw down a reverse 360 jam. Basically anything that makes the black people in the crowd go nuts like when the Professor would cross somebody up or when someone pulls out a deck of cards and does a magic trick. All easier said than done if you’re a vertically challenged white kid with a sweet mullet and gym shorts that sag down to your ankles. If you find yourself in that boat, maybe you HAVE to lose your drawers when you finish strong at the rim. Sure, the brothers might clown you off the court at first, but at the end of the day no one remembers the dorky white kid that just lays it in. You have to make a statement. It’s better to lose your britches, laugh it off, and gain the respect of everyone on the court than to be that random stuffed shirt that loses the first game and never steps foot on that blacktop ever again. Besides, showing your dick on the basketball court is the “in” thing to do now.

bron bron

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