Former Kentucky Politician Being Sued For Illegally Spending Government Funds At Local Pizzeria

barry pizza

Via- WLWT Cincinnati

The city of Dayton is suing its former mayor to recover city money it claims he improperly used to help expand a local pizzeria.

The Kentucky Enquirer reports the suit against Ken Rankle was filed last week in Campbell County District Court.

It claims that in 2011, Rankle signed checks totaling $2,256 for engineering surveys to expand an outdoor patio at Buona Vita Pizzeria.

The lawsuit claims the City Council did not approve the expense and Rankle didn’t inform anyone in the city about it.



Let’s take a moment to put this in perspective. In the grand scheme of things $2,000 to an elected government official is chicken feed. Guys like de Blasio in New York or even John Cranley here in Cincinnati probably spend 2 grand a day buying surf and turf specials and bottles of Dom P at lunch, but down in Dayton, Kentucky money doesn’t exactly grow on trees. 2 large down there is probably the equivalent of like 2 million in LA or Chicago. With that in mind, spending a large sum of money to upgrade your favorite pizza joint is an AWESOME move. I mean, if you’re a politician and you aren’t using your elected powers cut corners and look out for numero uno from time to time what are you even doing with your life? No one gets into politics to deal with the stresses of an entire city and read negative press about themselves all day long. You get into politics for the free lunches and the city Amex card and the Monica Lewinski’s of the world. Like I live in Mt. Lookout and Hyde Park Pizzeria is one of my go to pizza joints because in addition to a solid pie they used to have the biggest menu I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m talking Cheesecake Factory-esque. You want it, they probably got it. Long story short, the owners recently switched up the menu and now they don’t have nearly the selection that they used to, but if I were and elected official and I had the option to throw some city coin their way just so I could continue to have pizza and nachos and gyros delivered right to my doorstep I would absolutely do that in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t even try to hide it either. In fact, I don’t even think I’d trust a politician who doesn’t want to throw around a bunch money at his favorite pizza joint. You could be out there wining and dining and chumming it up at five star Italian joints night in and night out, but any man that routinely yucks it up in a pizza parlor is a genuine 9-5 guy. A guy that understands the common man’s struggle and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get a little dirty or smash an entire large pizza in one sitting. Ken Rankle, now that’s a man of the people.

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