Humpday Hottie: Olivia Culpo For Treats! Magazine


Glad to see that Olivia Culpo can stay in her lane and handle her journey through stardom appropriately. There’s levels to this shit, you know. Some 18 year old high school kid who gets drafted into the major leagues knows he’s not going to step in and be a franchise player right away and some former Miss Universe knows she’s not just going to take over the spotlight and become the hottest woman on the planet overnight. You gotta play a little AAA ball before you can take some hacks with the big dogs. Start by winning a beauty pageant here and there, then date a weirdo virgin singer, and when you’re done with that maybe do a couple artsy nude photo shoots and before you know it your career path will go one of two ways. 1.) The silver screen, or 2.) Porn. Luckily for Olivia she seems like a smart gal so I’m sure she’ll make the right decision when it’s all said and done.*

*My fingers were crossed when I said that.

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