Here’s The Princeton Review’s List Of Top 20 Party Schools Just Because


Via- Huffington Post

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the new top party school, according Princeton Review’s annual ranking.

The University of Iowa is the runner up for the second year in a row, after taking the top party school crown in 2014. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, ranked No. 1 in 2006, came in third this time around. Last year’s top party school, Syracuse University, fell to fifth place in the 2015-16 ranking.

Rankings are determined through a survey administered to 136,000 students at 380 top colleges to produce 62 different lists. Students are asked 80 questions about their school’s academics, administration, student body and themselves, according to the Princeton Review.

20. College of Charleston
19. Miami University of Ohio
18. University of Vermont
17. DePauw University
16. Ohio University
15. Florida State University
14. University of Florida
13. Penn State University
12. University of Mississippi
11. Lehigh University
10. Colgate University
9. Tulane University
8. University of Georgia
7. West Virginia University
6. University of California-Santa Barbara
5. Syracuse University
4. Bucknell University
3. University of Wisconsin – Madison
2. University of Iowa
1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Usually these lists are bullshit because, a.) They’re always a revolving door of the same 10 or 15 party schools every single year, and b.) You can’t really quantify what makes one school’s parties better than another. That’s toatally subjective. I don’t need some Princeton nerd whose interaction with boobs is limited to the old 5-8-0-0-8 trick on a Texas Instruments calculator critiquing how hard my school throws the fuck down. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I was fortunate enough to attend Ohio University for a couple years and long story short you’re going to have an easier time convincing Donald Trump to vacation in Mexico City than convincing me a school like Lehigh is a better party school than the Harvard on the Hocking. Can’t be done. Speaking of which, Ohio schools generally perform pretty well on these lists. I’ve seen both OU and Miami take the cake at no. 1 in certain publications and Ohio State generally checks in somewhere pretty regularly. 19 and 16 seem a bit low, but true to form we have a couple local schools on the map.

Also how shitty do you have to feel if you go to one of those huge SEC football schools with a blueblood football program, monster tailgates, and oodles of southern broads only to find out your school is second tier to the likes of Colgate, Bucknell, and Vermont? Fuck these lists.

PS- *Googles University of Vermont party*


Get out the waaaaayyyyy! Geek squad coming through! What a crew. You’re telling me out of all the pictures on the World Wide Web that’s the best image you could find that paints the Vermont Catamounts as the roisterers of the Northeast?

vermont dude

Actually, I take back everything I just said. No way this kid doesn’t absolutely crush Catamount pussy. Hide all of the girlfriends.

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