Great American Grub Death Match: Fry Box


I’ve been thinking about incorporating this segment for a while now but last night was the first time I had been down to the Ballpark in a long time so I haven’t had a chance to post until now.

Here are the rules:

1.) Every time I attend a Reds game from here on out I will be sampling two (2) items from one of the many eateries around the ballpark because a.) I have a lot of friends and I don’t go to Reds games alone. I’ll just order the opposite of whatever they’re getting and sample both items. And b.) I’m not poor. I can afford to buy two items in necessary.

2.) I will individually sample each food item in between sips of my adult beverage of choice as to assure a clean palette for a maximized taste experience.

3.) A winner will be chosen based on contents, quality, and flavor alone.

4.) No one actually dies. I just thought death match sounded way cooler than “Food Review.”




Buffalo Chicken Fry Box

Pulled chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch, blue cheese crumbles, and celery on top of long cut fries.


FullSizeRender (32)

Pot Roast Fry Box

Beef pot roast, some sort of white sauce (sour cream, taz sauce maybe?), nacho cheese, and banana peppers on top of long cut fries.



Buffalo Chicken Fries

Too much going on with the pot roast fries. They’re great, don’t get me wrong, but pot roast + nacho cheese + banana peppers is kind of a goofy combination. The buffalo fries are short, sweet, and to the point. The perfect amount of heat combined with the ranch dressing and those bleu cheese crumbles? Man. There’s a lot of bleu cheese haters out there, but those are the type of folks I’d rather just even associate with. I’m #TeamBleuCheese for life.

I will say this, though. If you’re going to the game with a chick and you decide to pull the trigger on Fry Box, you’re probably better off going with the pot roast fries instead. All the different ingredients look way better through and Instagram filter, which is important because everyone knows that if you go to a baseball game and don’t Instagram your snacks you didn’t even really go to the game at all.

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