Have You Ever Seen a Naked Dude Running From the Police On I-71 During Rush Hour Traffic? Because If You Haven’t Here You Go

naked 71



Via- WLWT Cincinnati

Police are investigating a six-vehicle crash on SB Interstate 71 at Deerfield Road in Sycamore Township.

Witnesses said a naked man was driving a truck down the left shoulder, hitting cars as he went. Investigators said witnesses told them he was traveling 80 miles an hour.

Investigators have identified the suspect as Tracy Martin, 44, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. He’s accused of driving his pickup truck on the left shoulder of southbound I-71 at a high rate of speed, side-swiping four vehicles, and rear-ending a fifth vehicle.

Then, investigators said he slammed into a Mercedes, climbed the median wall, and flipped over on top of a Jeep. Troopers said that’s when he started running.

Investigators said a trooper caught up with Martin a mile later, tried to use a stun gun on him, then made the arrest with the help of an off-duty Hamilton County sheriff’s deputy. Drug usage is suspected to be a factor in the accident.



Streaking will never not be funny. There are certain things that you just never grow out of. Someone farts in a quiet room, you laugh. Someone runs out onto the field, you laugh. Someone crashes into six cars on the highway and runs from the cops butt naked, you laugh. That’s hilarious. Those tight ass media squares can sit here and act all “shocked” or “chilled” as much as they want, but unless an immediate family member or close friend was hurt by this maniac, a big black dude running down 71 naked as the day he was born is laugh out loud funny. It’s almost like they’ve never seen a naked guy before.

Kind of a genius move when you really think about it. Do you want to be the cop that has to arrest the naked dude? That’s what I thought. If you’re for sure going to go to jail, you might as well ditch the threads and hope for the best. Like what else can go wrong at that point? The 11th Commandment: Sometimes you gotta get naked and see what happens. Can’t be found fit to stand trial if you get arrested with no clothes on. That’s a law, probably.

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