You Know Marvin Is Pissed When He’s Already Calling Out Guys For Not Practicing a Week Into Camp



For the second time in as many years, receiver Marvin Jones has been on the sidelines while his teammates compete against one another. Just like last August, Jones has missed multiple camp workouts this August due to an injury.

Jones didn’t practice Thursday. He also didn’t practice Monday and Tuesday, the only other two days the Bengals have practiced this week. An apparent leg injury has kept him shelved. To coach Marvin Lewis, these absences, compiled with the stint on the injured reserve last year, have stymied Jones’ growth in the offense.

“Marvin’s got to get to practice if Marvin wants to get to play,” Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said before Thursday’s practice. “The passing game, a lot of it’s about timing and repetition and so forth. It just doesn’t happen. You’ve got to work through it and practice and play and do those things. He’s been a bit [behind] because he didn’t have last season.”

It doesn’t appear he’ll be out of practice for any significant time in this instance, but Lewis still remains concerned Jones isn’t getting the development he needs to be one of the Bengals’ top receivers.



There are a thousand ways a player can wind up in the proverbial “coach’s doghouse.” Missing meetings, not learning the playbook, getting a little too cozy with the coach’s hot daughter, but when is the last time you heard of guy in the doghouse literally ONE WEEK into training camp. Now I don’t doubt that Marvin Jones will be able to get on the field at some point soon and contribute in a big way. God only knows we need him to have a monster season if we’re going to be any sort of good, but doesn’t anyone find it a little strange that Coach Lewis called out Jones directly? Generally Marvin gives a very Belichick-esque answer when it comes to discussing hurt players during training camp literally anything. Usually you’ll be lucky if you get one or two words other than the generic “he worked on the side,” or “he’ll be ready when we need him,” but this time around we basically got a “get your ass on the field if you ever want to play another down of football for this team again.” WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE OLD MARVIN LEWIS? Is this a new Marvin? An angry Marvin? Bad boy Marvin?




PS- My legit biggest fear for this team going into the season is that we’re going to get bit by the injury bug. Again. I realize that this is the NFL and every team is going to have to take their lumps, but last year in the playoffs Rex Burkhead and Brandon Tate were playing at WR for Christ’s sake. We haven’t exactly had the greatest track record with guys staying healthy and a lot of our stars are injury prone to begin with. Green, Eifert, Burfict (If he can even get on the field in the first place), Jones, the list goes on. No one likes to look like an idiot, especially me, but this is one of those rare instances where I hope I have to eat my words and that this team makes me look like a total stooge.

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