Former Steelers Kicker Jeff Reed Got Tossed From the Hall Of Fame Game and Can’t We Just Let the Man Live His Life?



Everyone has heard the stories of the entire Steelers O-line bumping lines of snow before Super Bowl XIII or a shirtless Richie Incognito raging about the bar hollering racist slurs, but the real party animals of the football world are the specialists. The guys who get to enjoy all the perks of being on an NFL roster without having to do any of the real actual work. You’d be stupid not too. No sprints, no Oklahoma drills. Just show up, kick for an hour, then hit the bars and crush buckets of beer until that law school chick you just met agrees to go home with you because you’re an NFL player. Must be tough to have that life taken from you. One day you’re nailing field goals and nailing sloots, then before you know it, you’re sitting with the pions at the Hall of Fame Game hoping someone recognizes you before security gives you the hook. Trials and tribulations of being a former NFL kicker, I suppose.

PS- Kickers are always complaining about being accepted as real football players, but until those dudes start doing shuttle runs and sled drills they’ll always be considered specialists in my book. Make a choice, gentleman. Either die a football player going head to head with the likes of JJ Watt or continue to live life in fat city kicking leather pigskins for a couple hours on Sundays. (Take the latter. Collecting an NFL salary and partying five days a week is well worth a little disrespect from the fans. Thick skin, fellas.)

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