TBT To the Time Adam Dunn Hit a Baseball 535 Feet



Must be nice to hit a ball almost two football fields.

Quick hypothetical for you: If you could pick one sports skill to have for the rest of your life, nothing you have to work at, no sprints, no weights, no nothing. Just pure God given ability, what would you choose? To be able to dunk like James? Throw a punch like Tyson? Run like Bolt? For my money I think it’d be pretty tough to pass up the ability to hit a baseball to the moon. You know, because chicks dig the longball.

Also how crazy is it that the Toyota Tundra has been sitting out there for almost 15 seasons and no one has really even come close to winning that thing? Think about all the big boppers we’ve had hitting in this stadium. Griffey, Dunn, Bruce, Pena, the list goes on. I realize you probably have a better shot at scoring a threesome with Nina Agdal and Candice Swanepoel than you do at winning that truck, I’m just surprised that after a decade and a half no one has come close to hitting the sign or the truck. At this point you may as well throw antique plates on that bitch or sell her for scrap. Not sure I’d even want it if I won anyway.

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