I’m All In On Cincinnati’s New Pro Soccer Team, FC Cincinnati

fc cincy

Via- MLS Soccer

Nothing is official yet, but details surrounding Cincinnati’s bid for a USL franchise continue to emerge.

On Tuesday, the prospective Cincinnati expansion franchise revealed a name, logo, ownership group and stadium situation ahead of a news conference scheduled for Wednesday.

FC Cincinnati will reportedly be owned by the Lindner family and will play next year at the University of Cincinnati’s newly renovated Nippert Stadium. Longtime USMNT captain John Harkes will lead the expansion franchise in their first professional season, according to a video released by the club

Ok, so I know I’ve gone on record as saying soccer sucks and that it’s a girl’s sport and have even gone as low as tossing out terms like “field fairies” in regards to the athletes. I’m not going to deny any of that. I accept what I’ve I’ve said, and I just wanted to take a second to stand before you all, hat in hand and admit that I was wrong. Wrong because I’m 1000% ON BOARD WITH FC CINCINNATI! Naysayers will probably think, Oh, well Q, why do you care about FC Cincinnati? They’re just a lowly USL team. And to that point I say, that’s EXACTLY why I’m jumping on the FC Cincinnati bandwagon. I don’t want a full blown MLS team around here. I’ve invested too much time and heartbreak into the Reds and Bengals just to have another pro franchise waltz in here and watch them rip my heart out and shit on it right in front of my face. I don’t need any more of that. I need a no strings attached relationship. Something I can get excited about when things are flying high and something I can use as an excuse to head back down to my old college stomping grounds and pound dollar beers when times get tough. Some people might call that jumping on the bandwagon, I like to call that, well, jumping on the bandwagon. So what. At the very least I’ll just use this as an excuse to buy one of those new FC Cincinnati jerseys

fc unis

fc unis2

Those things are hotter than two rats making love in a wool sock.

I’m sorry, did I say jersey? What I meant to say was kit. Only an ugly American who doesn’t understand the beautiful game would refer to those as “jerseys.” Wankers.

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