Cincinnati Being Named The Number One City In the Country For Pet Lovers Is a Big Win For the City



Via- 700 WLW

Wallet Hub rates Cincinnati as the best city in the country for Pet Lovers. The study compared the creature-friendliness of the 100 most populated U.S. cities across three key dimensions: 1) Budget, 2) Health Care & Wellness and 3) Outdoor Environment & Amusement.

Other Ohio cities were also in the rankings. Toledo came in 31st, Columbus in 38th and Cleveland in 47th. According to the American Pet Products Association, A record 65 percent, or 79.7 million, American households now own a pet.



Yup, that’s right world. We might not have great sports teams, a great crime rate, or a fully functional transportation system, but none of that shit matters when man’s best friend is all you really need in life. I’d probably legitimately consider murdering someone just to have a taste of a major sports championship, but even then the Bengals or the Reds won’t always be there for me on my bad days, but my dog will. Pets are the best. We’re the best for pets. So, ipso facto, we’re the best. That’s a fact.

To tell you the truth the biggest thing I took away from this study is the fact that 65% of Americans own a pet. That’s a pretty big number, as it should be, but honestly, that number should be more like 100%. Pets are awesome. If you don’t own a pet at all, something is wrong with you. I’m not talking about people like me who live in a shitty apartment and either don’t have the time or can’t afford to take care of another life. That’s just called being responsible. I’m talking about the people that for whatever reason just don’t like animals. You know who I’m talking about too. Maybe it’s your shitty boss, your weirdo neighbor, or the guy in your group of friends that nobody likes. Whoever it is, there’s always one or two. I’ve never understood that. Take dogs for example. Not to get too scientific on you, but dogs and humans have coexisted for literally thousands of years. Hell, we probably wouldn’t even be here had humans and dogs not linked up, so at this point it’s pretty much ingrained in our DNA to love and be comfortable around each other. I understand if you had your ear mauled off by an irresponsible owner’s dog when you were younger or something, but if you just don’t get down with kanines (or any animal for that matter) because you think they’re dirty or annoying or stinky or too much work, you’re a complete psychopath and you need to be euthanized immediately.

PS- I stopped by my parent’s house after work to ask my dog what she thought about Cincy being ranked the number one city for pets and here’s the response I got


Old bitch doesn’t know how good she has it.

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