Springboro Student Brought Hash Brownies To School and Fed Them To Everyone As a Senior Pank, and OOPS! He’s In Trouble With the Law Now



A Warren County grand jury has indicted a Springboro student with possession, trafficking, and contributing to the delinquency of children after police say he brought pot brownies to school and fed them to students and faculty.

Springboro school officials suspended 19-year-old Edward Goschinski back in April after accusing him of giving the marijuana-laced confections to other students and at least one staff member.

Goschinski has been charged with felony counts of corrupting another with drugs, possession of hashish, and trafficking in hashish, as well as a misdemeanor count of contributing to unruliness or delinquency of a child.



HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I GET IT. I GET THE JOKE! It’s funny because you didn’t think there was weed in the brownies but guess what? THERE IS WEED IN THE BROWNIES! GOT YOU! GOT YOU SO HARD.

I’m no stranger to getting blitzed. I used to smoke a ton back when I was younger, but don’t sit here and tell me these kids didn’t know they were eating hash brownies. Let’s face it, it’s not like the kids that brought the brownies to school were the goodie two shoe honors society kids. I’m thinking they were more along the lines of the “I don’t care about anything” stoner crew. The type of kids that if they came up to you with a tray full of delicious baked goods the first question out of your mouth would probably be along the lines of, “are these hash brownies?” Even if they say no, there’s still about a 50/50 chance that what you’re eating really is in fact a hash brownie. Look, if you want to eat a special brownie and walk around in a haze on the last day of school because you “didn’t know” there was dope in the Betty Crocker’s your classmates brought in, that’s fine. Just don’t sit here and act like that one blindsided you. Have a brain for me one time.

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