Bad News, German Scientists Say Your Butt Doesn’t Make You Attractive

selter butt

Via- Newser

Your shapely derriere alone isn’t what makes you attractive, or so suggests a new study. “Most previous work on attractiveness focused on the effect of isolated features,” explains Canada’s Queen’s University professor Nikolaus Troje.

“evolutionary psychology states that sexual attractiveness has evolved to assess the reproductive qualities of a potential mate”—and as such, past studies have looked at individual traits that have ties to things like fertility. In their study, the researchers set out with the hypothesis that attractiveness doesn’t just stem from those parts but from “the consistency of the whole appearance.” A press release explains the set-up: Participants viewed “schematic point-light displays that depict a person using 15 moving dots.”

The dots gave participants a sense of both the person’s body shape and their movements; that allowed the researchers to grade both the most attractive shapes and movement styles. They then made super-attractive hybrids by pairing the most attractive in both buckets. But participants found the hybrid walkers to be less attractive than the two individual walkers who made up the hybrid.

“We found that attractiveness depends on internal consistency—whether the movement and the shape match each other or not.” If they don’t, our visual system will respond negatively. One practical application of the results: “to formulate advice to people who are working on improving their own appearance.”



What’s a guy like me supposed to do now? Ever since I was about 14, chicks have told me that I have a nice set of hindquarters on me. I know. Kind of weird. Not exactly the most flattering of assets a guy can have. Like I’d rather have chicks tell me that I have great arms or a great head of hair, but I’m a pale, bald, kind of awkward white dude so I’ll take what I can get. But does this mean I’m not hot anymore? Does this mean I’m just a one trick pony whose only good for filling out a pair of fitted khakis? I mean, I guess I kind of see where science is coming from. Like if a chick has a 10 out of 10 dumper but a face that looks like Quasimodo’s sisters, then yea I totally agree. That chick’s ass is going to have trouble making up for the fact that that chick is ugly as sin. But if we’re talking about a chick that has like a 4 face (soft 5 at best), 7 body, but a 10 out of 10 ass, then I’d have to go ahead and disagree with science and say that that girl is indeed attractive. Not like she’ll be walking the Runway at the VS fashion show anytime soon but if you saw a chick like that at Newport Brothers on a Thursday night you’d definitely spend a half hour and a couple dollar well drinks trying to see what’s in those jeans.

Hey science guys, I can’t tell if these chicks are hot or not. Wanna help a player out?


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