Finally, a Bengals Concept Helmet That Doesn’t Suck


Let’s get this straight, the current Bengals uniforms aren’t going anywhere. Partly because Mike Brown is allergic to change and that’s why we’ve only had like 3 uniforms in the entire history of the Bengals franchise. Mostly because Nike rules the world and no one does anything unless the evil empire gives those poor Asian kids in the sweatshops the say so. Having said that, I still enjoy looking at all the different concept designs. Some are great, but for the most part all the Bengals designs usually fall somewhere between “meh” and “get that disgusting garbage off of my screen NOW.” Most of them want to get rid of the stripes for a more traditional single stripe down the middle and two logos approach, which is great if you’re the boring type that only has sex missionary with socks on. The stripes are legit. They’re unique, they fit, and above all those things are sharp as a tack, which is why I dig this guy’s design. One of the few I’ve seen that doesn’t try to reinvent the best helmet in the NFL. I’m not too crazy about the orange on white two tone, but in a day and age where loud designs and wild color schemes are all the rage in the helmet world, I could definitely get on board with the chrome orange faded into the white a la something you’d see a college team rock. Don’t hold your breath, though. Mike Brown won’t even sign off on throwback uniforms let alone some space age looking lids.

Excellent work by Charles Sollars Concepts.

PS- I don’t give a damn about Chiefs football, but if they don’t make the switch to these helmets like, tomorrow, someone in that front office needs to be scalped. So hot.


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