Former Bengals TE Ben Utecht Is Writing a Book About the Fallout Sustained From Major Head Injury In the NFL



Ben Utecht, the former NFL tight end who became a leading advocate for players suffering from head trauma, is working on a memoir.

Utecht has a six-figure deal with the Simon & Schuster imprint Howard Books, the Abrams Artists Agency announced Wednesday.

Ultrecht’s book, “Counting the Days Until My Mind Slips Away,” is scheduled to come out in the fall of 2016. He sustained numerous concussions as a player and struggles with severe memory loss.

Utecht, 34, earned a Super Bowl ring after the 2006 season with the Indianapolis Colts, but he left the NFL in 2009 after an injury settlement with the Cincinnati Bengals.



You remember Ben Utecht, don’t you? The former NFL tight end that caught like a bajillion balls from Peyton Manning in Indy before signing with the Bengals as our tight end of the future and almost straight up dying from a head injury out there on the field? Yea, that Ben Utecht. Terrible story. Went from being an up and coming pass catcher with a ton of upside to having trouble remembering his family’s names. I can’t even begin to imagine. Normally I don’t read a lot of books, I get my literary fix filling my brain with nonsensical thoughts from other blogs and websites around the Internet, but I may have to set aside some time for this read. Even in 2015 with as much as we know about concussions and their effects, it’s still an issue that sort of gets ignored and swept under the rug whenever it’s convenient, so I’ll be VERY interested to see what Ben has to say about the NFL, the Bengals, and the way his situation was handled. Having a career cut short like that can never be easy, but I know his music career has taken off somewhat (can’t be worse than Bronson Arroyo’s, right?) and that six figure book deal certainly doesn’t hurt. Best of luck to Ben.

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