James Harrison IS NOT a Big Fan Of Participation Trophies, Continues To Be the Biggest Tough Guy In Sports


If you put me in a room with 100 dads and an 800 year old knight and told me to choose which dad was the overbearing sports dad and if I chose wrong I’d turn into a skeleton and die Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade style, I’d pick James Harrison a million out of a million times. Wouldn’t even hesitate either. If you’ve ever seen James Harrison decapitate a receiver going across the middle or mean mugged a coach or watched Hard Knocks you know that Harrison is exactly the type of guy that thinks participation awards are for pussies. Doesn’t matter if the kids that are getting those trophies are six and eight years old, respectively, nope. Trophies are for winners only and every other kid out there learning the game and having fun is soft as butter. Lots of people love to complain about America going soft and in a lot of ways I agree, but handing out participation trophies to small children isn’t one of them. I’ve heard of teenagers and high school kids getting participation trophies and I’ll be the first one to admit that mentality is soft as fuck because it celebrates mediocrity and those kids are old enough to understand the values of hard work and the competitive spirit, but just try to think about playing sports when you were six years old. Games weren’t about winning and losing and sticking it to the other guy. Games were about yucking it up with your teammates and running around with all the cool catcher’s gear on and pizza and juice boxes after the game. Yea, maybe there was a kid or two whose dad made him take things a little to serious. Everyone knew that kid and guess what, 99% of the kids on that team probably didn’t like that guy and he’s probably still a little bit off even to this day. Not exactly all his fault, that’s just what happens when you have a dad that pushes you too hard. So if James Harrison wants his kids to grow up to be those guys that don’t have any friends and get burnt out on sports because their maniac father drove them over the edge with his fucked up, tough guy sense of logic, then that’s on him. Apple never falls far from the tree.

PS- Maybe I’m stating the obvious here, but I don’t think this story would be anywhere near as big of a deal had James Harrison not been the dude involved. Like if this were an average Joe or any other athlete for that matter there probably would have been a little backlash, but not nearly to the extent we’re seeing now. I guess that’s just what happens when you take pride in injuring your opponents and beat your girlfriend and wear black and yellow. People don’t give you the benefit of the doubt.

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