Ohioans Have Spent $1 Billion On Liquor In the Past Year


Via- WLWT Cincinnati

The state says liquor sales in Ohio have set another record, nearly topping $1 billion in the past fiscal year.

The Ohio Department of Commerce said Sunday that revenue from liquor sales in 2015 were up by 7 percent to just over $982 million.

Commerce Director Jacqueline Williams says one reason is that consumers are buying higher-priced premium brands and specialty spirits.

Williams says the increase over the past year is impressive because the liquor control division is in the middle of replacing its 40-year-old management system with a new inventory control system that will improve ordering and logistics.



A billion dollars is A LOT of money. Like, a lot, a lot of money. To put that in perspective, that could probably solve hunger in parts of Africa or buy you a stealth fighter or put together a world championship baseball team (at least one that would finish above .500) but nope. Let’s all blow that on getting fucked up, which got me thinking. If you could find out the exact dollar amount you personally have spent on alcohol this year, would you even want to find out? I realize that number is essentially a gnat on an elephant’s behind and probably isn’t enough to even move the needle on the billion dollar scale, but I’m saying if you had that opportunity would you take it (because I’m assuming you’re a degenerate and not Scrooge McDuck who keeps track of his finances down to the very last cent)? I don’t think I would. I like to keep that part of my financial portfolio separate from everything else. A slush fund more or less. Money that I’ll never see nor ever will see. Something I believe the rappers and gangsters refer to as “blow money.” I don’t want to see how much money I’ve wasted because I’ll be reminded that I could have bought a nicer car or pulled together some Apple stock if I didn’t have the spending habits of an 18 year old. Like I had to stop by the bar down the street on my way home from work and pick up my credit card that I left there on Saturday night for Christ’s sake. No need to throw more gasoline on that dumpster fire.

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