Queen City Beer League’s Best Rap Album Of the 2000’s Tournament: Elite 8


bracket2-2nd round

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty now, folks. Just eight albums left, most of which have several joints that probably still get quite a few spins from time to time, and of course by spins I mean digital loops via Spotify or Apple Music because if you’re still doing CD’s in 2015 you’re poor and I hope your Internet connection gives out. But before that happens, check the Elite 8 results of QCBL’s Best Rap Album of the 2000’s Tourney.

In case you need to brush up on the rules, go back and check them out here.

Sweet Sixteen Results

Time to get down to business


round 3


The Matchup


1.) Kanye West- The College Dropout Vs. 3.) Lil Wayne- Tha Carter II


Everyone loves seeing the big dog go down, but up until this point no album has really given Ye’s “The College Dropout” a run for it’s money. Perks of being the no. 1 overall seed and playing the Norfolk State’s of the world in the first few rounds. Next up, Wayne’s “Carter II” which boasts a ton of street anthems but no Grammy Award, but awards aren’t everything. I mean, the Academy only gave Big Daddy like one star and that’s one of Sandler’s finest comedies so clearly critics in all walks of entertainment don’t always know what they’re talking about. They do in this case, though. Somebody better start giving “The College Dropout” some competition soon, otherwise it’s cakewalk city for Ye’s debut album.




round 3 2


The Matchup


1.) Eminem- The Eminem Show Vs. 2.) Jay-Z- The Blueprint


To date, this was probably the hardest matchup to decide largely because of the outspoken fanbases of both rappers. Hov has the Beehive in his corner and diehard Em fans get about as violent as old Shady on “Guilty Conscience” at the slightest murmer of anything bad about Eminem, but I don’t really know how many people read these things anyway and to be quite frank I don’t give a shit about your musical tastes so who cares? You don’t like the picks, go start your own completely nonsensical rap music tournament. Until then, Shady advances. Hate to go against my man Hov’s best album, but I got tossed from art class when I was like 11 for rapping “Square Dance” so I feel like that has to count for something.





The Matchup


1.) 50 Cent- Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ Vs. 2.) Kanye West- Graduation


It would have been cool to see this matchup play out in real life instead of Ye’s “Graduation” vs. 50’s “Curtis” which was a solid listen but far from 50’s best work. GRODT is unquestionably 50’s masterpiece. Graduation is no slouch either. “Good Life,” “Barry Bonds,” and “Can’t Tell me Nothing” powered my high school days, but the triumvirate of “What up Gangsta,” “Many Men,” and “High All the Time” might never be topped. GRODT is still dancing.






The Matchup


1.) Lil Wayne- Tha Carter III Vs. 2.) Young Jeezy- Thug Motivation 101


I can’t stand people who listen to concious rappers and proceed to yap on and on about society’s problems and how I just don’t get the music because the message is so above me and blah blah blah, whatever. Fuck those kids. Fortunately, none of that going on here. I guess Wayne gets a little philisophical talking about Katrina in “Tie My Hands,” but for the most part both of these guy’s bread and butter is churning out street banger after street banger, which is exactly what you get with these albums. Two guys rapping about money, hoes, and trap life, things that an upper middle class white boy from a wonder bread white suburb is clearly all about. Knowing that, I gotta go with the guy who’s made a living off of motivating the trap, Mr. 17.5 himself. Jeezy do it for the people.



If you have any comments or picks regarding the tournament, hit me up on Twitter @TheBeerLeague_, @QuineTime.

Final Four coming soon.

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