Local Woman Kills Her Ex-Husband So She Could Ride Off With Some Gun Slinging Cowboy Who Goes By the Name Of ‘Angus McNasy”




RISING SUN, Ind. – A woman accused of shooting her ex-husband 10 times was a “cowboy action shooter” who went by the nickname “Dani Oakley” and dreamed of being an Olympic dressage rider, the prosecutor said Thursday.

Police charged Danielle Green with murder for the shooting death of 62-year-old Raymond Green after discovering Raymond’s decaying body in a padlocked metal box on their property in May 2014.

The Greens lived in Florida off $750,000 from a settlement related to the death of Raymond’s first wife. They trained horses and participated in the cowboy action shooting hobby, which involves speed target shooting while dressed in wild west-style clothes.

However, the money ran out and the couple moved to a trailer near Rising Sun, Indiana, according to Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard. Raymond worked as a truck driver, taking him away from home, while Danielle was talking to another cowboy action shooter back in Florida who went by the nickname “Angus McNasty.”

The couple had divorced early last year so Raymond could collect Social Security benefits from his late first wife, and continued living on the same property off Hartford Pike in Ohio County, Indiana for several months.

Green told police her ex-husband had threatened to kill her, repeatedly saying, “I am going to kill you. You need to die” after she used the bathroom in his trailer one morning. There was a loaded and cocked .38 handgun on Raymond’s bedside table. He lunged toward her, and that’s when she grabbed the gun and shot him 10 times, she told police.

“Ray Green is a volcano,” defense attorney Delmar Weldon said. “He explodes and attacks her and she kills him to save her own life.”

However, Negangard said Danielle killed her ex-husband so she could go back to Florida and be with “McNasty.”

Police found that, months earlier, Danielle Green had been searching online for items including:

“38 gunshot going straight thru person’s head,”
“Let’s talk Terminal Ballistics: Headshots,”
“Bullets Do Not Work that Way,”
“The Shooting of Trayvon Martin,”
“How Did Gabrielle Giffords Survive a Shot in the Head,”
“Headshot from .38 at close range,”
“If you shot someone with a .38 caliber handgun in the head is it lights out or possibly survive,”
“Would shooting a .38 go straight thru at close range,”
“What happens when you get shot in the head” and
“Stopping power.”

“This is not a case of self-defense,” Negangard said. “This is a case of cold-blooded murder and nothing else.”



This is exactly what happens when you let your girl run around with a guy who goes by the moniker of ‘Angus McNasty.’ You really think a guy like that is going to be ok with living in the friendzone and sitting in front of his laptop late at night wondering what it’s like to have a go with your wife? Not a chance. I never even knew of Angus McNasy’s existence until literally 30 minutes ago but I can already tell you with absolute, unwavering certainty that Angus is a true outlaw through and through. Probably has like a 14” dick too. You can’t call yourself Angus McNasty if you’re running around packing a chapstick. That’s the type of guy that kicks in the swinging doors of a saloon with his ten gallon hat and pearl handled six shooters and rides off into the sunset with your girl in tow. Literally. Poor Ray, this fight was over before it even began. I think at that point your only real option is to challenge Angus to gunfight in the town square OK Corral style, otherwise your wife skips town with her band of rough riders and you eventually wind up dead in a locked metal box in a trailer park in rural Indiana. That’s just cowboy life.

PS- This may or may not be the last post you ever read on QCBL because I’m seriously considering spending all of my free time drafting the script to this modern western classic. Seriously, don’t sit here and tell me that this doesn’t have Hollywood blockbuster written all over it. Sex, guns, crazy chicks, murder, violence, everything you’re looking for in a movie. Think Gone Girl meets Tombstone. Someone tell those Cohen brothers that they best watch their back.

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