RED ALERT: Bucs Sink Bengals 25-11 In Preseason Blowout


Well that was uninspiring to say the least. I’m trying my best to try to remember that this is only week 2 of preseason ball and that the ship is not in fact sinking like half the Internet seems to think right now.

Having said that, tonight was still a lackluster, uninspiring performance by the boys in stripes. Almost looked like they were unprepared out there just going through the motions, which, if we’re being honest isn’t out of the realm of possibility. It’s a long preseason and on a short week going into the dress rehearsal game priorities number 1, 2, and 3 are to stay healthy and to sort out the back end of your roster. No need for the starters to look Lombardi worthy just yet, although it would have been nice to generate more than 49 yards in the first half.

On that note, the offense did NOT look very sharp, obviously.

A.J. dropping balls, the guys up front folding like the God damn Maginot Line, and Andy sailing balls into the stratosphere. I thought Eifert might have gotten killed on this throw. Not a terrible toss by Dalton. You gotta have that ball up so it doesn’t get tipped by the LB, but Eifert took a hit right on that bow and went down hard. Thought he was down for the count. For a second the entire season flashed before my eyes.

A.J. McCarron’s debut was… A debut. He looked a little rusty on his first few snaps but ultimately was able to get the offense rolling and generated the only score of the game. Tough to get a gauge on what McCarron really brings to the table in a game like that when we’re getting steamrolled and everything is coming up Bucs.

Speaking of that score, pretty cool moment for James Wilder to get a TD against the team his Dad lit it up for years ago. Player Pops must have been proud. Wilder might actually have a shot at making this team.

Really the only other bright spot for the Bengals in that abortion of a football game was rookie LB PJ Dawson. Dawson has been as unpredictable as schizo on PCP, but tonight we saw some flashes of good PJ as he was living in the Bucs backfield and blew up a goal line attempt.

All in all, this game doesn’t mean shit. Would it have been nice to head down to Tampa and sink their pirate ship? Of course, but whether we win by million or lose in grand fashion, this game doesn’t get us any closer to January football and that first playoff win which is the ultimate goal this season. We got out healthy which is the ultimate goal, so, mission accomplished I guess?


mood ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Next up, Chicago at home. Can’t get any worse than it did tonight. This is one of the few moments in my life that I’m totally content with not being on the Bengals active roster. This week of practice is going to SUUUCCCCCKKKK.



Once again, big shout out to the guys over at @CincyJungle for the Vine work. Go give them a follow. They always have great stuff.

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