AJ McCarron Was Cash Money Last Night, Oh yea, and the Bengals Won Too


Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before we had to have this conversation for real. AJ McCarron takes the reigns of the offense, completes a couple balls, moves the chains a little bit, then we have to sit down and listen to the Dalton haters clamor about a change at the quarterback position. We’ve had this conversation before. In fact, we were doing this dance before AJ even put on a jockstrap in a pro locker room. To be clear for the 141345154651346 time, Andy isn’t going anywhere, but I’M ALL ABOARD THE AJ MCCARRON TRAIN! That’s right, your boy is drinking the Kool Aid. McCarron looked as sharp as the bristles on a hedgehog last night. Had total command of the first team offense and went right down the field against NFL defensive starters (albeit it was the Bears, but still). The long pass to Marvin Jones that got called back, the back shoulder throw to Green, and the TD pass over the middle to Jones were all legit NFL throws. Straight dimes.

I guess Duke Tobin and the personnel department knew what they were doing when they gave Josh Johnson the boot earlier this week. McCarron was brought in here to be a high caliber backup with a lot of upside and for the first time ever we got to see that live and in person last night. You know how the old saying goes, you got to have two good QB’s in the NFL. Pretty sure that’s in the Bible. Looks like we’re sitting pretty.

PS- I never really remembered McCarron as being a real ankle breaker, but dude looked pretty nimble out there last night

I mean I don’t think we’re gonna mistake him for Atlanta Mike Vick anytime soon but of everything McCarron did well last night his ability to escape pressure a couple times really stood out to me.

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