Good Thing Vegas Super Bowl Odds Don’t Determine Super Bowl Champs, Otherwise the Bengals Are Toast


Via- vegasinsider

Apparently the Vegas sharks know something that we don’t? Perhaps they’ve seen one too many Andy Dalton interceptions or big plays given up by the defense, but I guess that’s fair to say if all you’ve seen of the Bengals out there in the desert are this team’s primetime struggles. That’s OK. Go ahead, write us off and put teams like the Bills and the Chiefs and the Lions in front of us and see what happens. We’re only a couple weeks away from playing this thing out and then we’ll see how much computers and spreads and Sam Rothstein’s Sportsbooks mean then. This isn’t college ball. Preseason rankings and odds don’t mean shit at the end of the day. Actually, this team may be better off flying under the radar and playing with a chip on their shoulder all season long. In case you haven’t noticed, sometimes we tend to struggle mightily when the expectations are too high. Maybe an underdog role is just what the Bengals need. Let Marvin and Andy and the playoff struggles and the fact that we’ve never won the ship lure the haters in, then take the league from behind and give it to ’em in the chili ring. Let’s do this, boys.

What do I think of your Vegas casino odds?

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