Hey Joey Votto, Do You Even Baseball, Bro?





Oh, yea? Ok good. Just checking. Make no mistake about it, those are MONSTER numbers. I know there are a lot of Reds fans and media personalities out there that would line up around the the block on Pete Rose Way to tell me otherwise, but how anyone with more functioning eyeballs than Fetty Wap and a reasonable understanding of the game of baseball could watch Joey Votto right now and not be impressed with the tear that he’s on is so far and away beyond me. I know the knock on Joey is that he doesn’t drive in enough runs but consider this: How many teams that are vying for 100 losses do you know that have a guy who’s driving in 120 runs in said season? (Cue the fact checking baseball nerds coming out of the woodwork). I get that Joey is VERY particular about his pitch selection and if he decided to open up the strike zone more there’s no doubt his RBI count would be higher than it is now, but the bottom line is with the lack of this team’s ability to find guys to get on base in front of Votto for him to knock in RBI’s are going to be tough to come by at times. This team stinks. If JV were batting third in a lineup that featured couple guys who could consistently get on base at a .350 clip I’d be willing to bet my unborn daughter’s virginity that Joey’s RBI numbers would skyrocket even with the same plate approach he’s displaying right now and this whole Joey Votto RBI discussion wouldn’t be happening.

PS- Here’s as hot of take as you’ll ever hear in this city. I don’t particularly care for Marty Brenneman. Yep. You heard me right. He’s the William Wallace of the Joey Votto hate crusade. I realize Marty has seen more baseball in his 40 years of broadcasting than I’ll probably ever see in my entire life, but I didn’t grow up sneaking a radio under my pillow listening to my programs and Marty call the Big Red Machine’s games, so forgive me if I’m not too keen on hearing Marty be a negative Nelly night in and night out. Not sure how much of that is his fault though. If you called the Reds games in an era where World Series and pennant races were the norm it’s got to be pretty frustrating to watch this Reds team with a sense of unbridled joy and optimism. Not sure how much of that is Marty just being a crotchety old man or just a byproduct of being jaded by the teams of the late 90’s and present day get beat like a drum night in and night out.

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