In Case You’re Bored Of the Bengals 4th Preseason Game Against the Colts Check Out Bovada’s List Of Individual Prop Bets For the 2015 Bengals and Learn How To Get Rich


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The Bengals are getting ready to… Well, I guess I should say SOME of the Bengals are getting ready to strap up in the fourth preseason game against the Colts here in just a few short hours. I’m sure most of you are just jazzed to the bones to watch third and fourth stringers fight tooth and nail for a practice squad spot while there’s real football happening on other networks, but while we’re on the subject of football, how about we take a peek at Bovada’s individual prop bets for the 2015 Bengals that dropped the other day.

Let’s get rich.

Over/Under 16.5 Total Interceptions For Andy Dalton:

My mind’s tellin’ me no, but my body, my booodddddyyyy is tellin’ me yes. I’ve physically been in the house for far too many games in which Bad Andy shows up and throws the rock everywhere but the receivers hands, but thinking about this logically, Andy really shouldn’t be throwing the ball all that much and when he does he’s going to have a much better cast of characters than he did last season. Theoretically, Andy should have less than 17 picks. I gotta be honest though, this isn’t one I’d clear out the 401k for. More like a side bet you’d make with your boys at your fantasy draft for a bucket of beer or some pocket change.

Over/Under 23.5 TD Passes For Andy Dalton:

I guess you kind of have to use the same logic as the interception over/under. Theoretically, we’re not going to be throwing as much, so less attempts means less opportunities for TD passes, but more quality receivers certainly doesn’t hurt anyone’s chances either. I don’t know. Coin flip, I’d probably have to say over, but that might just be my heart talking. Over/Under 3,600 Passing Yards For Andy Dalton: See above. Less attempts, less yards, you get the picture. I’m actually pretty confident about this one. I don’t think the Red Rifle gets over the 3,500 mark.

Over/Under 1,200 Yards, Over/Under 8 Receiving TD’s for AJ Green:

I think I’ve made my predictions for AJ Green’s 2015 season pretty abundantly clear. So clear in fact that I still stand by my self-imposed, (mostly) naked lap bet. How confident am I that this is going to happen? I haven’t even started searching for the banana boat yet. That’s how confident.

Over/Under 9 Total TD’s For Jeremy Hill:

Maybe I’m going to have to make myself another bet for Jeremy’s 9 TD’s because that’s DEFINITELY happening. Short reason, Jeremy is a big fast back who has skills to pay the bills. A more in depth answer, though, is despite the fact that the Bengals have loads of talent on the offensive side of the ball, we don’t hit a tremendous amount of home runs. Most of our scores come on long sustained drives ending at the opponents goal line. So, ipso facto, Jeremy is going to be getting all the work in between the 5’s which should result in a lot of touchdowns. Factor in maybe a receiving TD here or there and maybe I just might wager everything I’ve saved in my 401k on Jeremy’s shoulders.

Over/Under 1,100 Yards For Jeremy Hill:

As good of a runner as J Hill really is, don’t forget about Gio. While Jeremy should take the majority of the carries, the Bengals are still going to find a way to get Gio the ball, particularly in the middle of the field which in turn will take some numbers away from Jeremy. Also guys tend to have a bit of a sophomore slump in their second season so that’s something to consider as well.

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