This GIF Perfectly Describes How I Feel About the Bengals Third Preseason Win



Fourth preseason game, not a whole lot to get excited about. The starters don’t see the light of day, points are hard to come by, and the playbook is about as open as Nun’s legs, but I’ll be damned if a Bengals victory doesn’t bring even a little bit of a smile to my face. If anything, I think we can all take comfort in knowing that the preseason is over. Outside of Michael Johnson, pretty much everyone got out unscathed and minus that Tampa game, the Bengals looked pretty sharp and showed us at least some flashes of everything they needed to show us. Next up, we do it for real. It’s kind of ridiculous to say that week 1 of the regular season is a must win game, but week 1 at Oakland is monumental must win game. If the Bengals are going to get back to the playoffs this year they absolutely have to take care of business in the games that they should win, and at Oakland to begin the season is a game you’ve got to have- Especially with games against Baltimore and Seattle just on the horizon.

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