New Silver Screen Film ‘Marauders’ Starring Brucew Willis Set To Film Here In Cincinnati



Bruce Willis, Christopher Meloni and Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s Dave Bautista will star in Marauders, a Steven C. Miller-directed action thriller that Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films will produce and finance and release through its U.S. deal with Lionsgate Premiere. Highland Film Group is handling international. The script was written by Michael Cody and Chris Sivertson, and production begins later this month in Ohio, with Lydia Hull, Tyler Olson, Christopher Bowen, and Danny A. Abeckaser rounding out the cast.





Alright, now we’re talking! Here’s a local movie we can actually look forward to seeing. I mean, I guess Ides Of March was cool if you’re a poly-sci major that watches a lot of C-Span and that Cate Blanchett movie is probably great if you’re looking for something to fall asleep to on Sunday night, but a Bruce Willis action thriller is about as American as childhood obesity- Even though it seems like Bruce has kind of pulled a Sandler of late. Falling back on his entire catalogue and collecting massive studio checks to make cameos and fart out one D movie a year. Red was pretty good and The Expendable’s series might be the greatest trilogy of all time, but that most recent Die Hard movie was like watching your favorite washed up athlete try to bounce back from an ACL injury and that Cop Out with Tracy Morgan might legitimately be the worst movie ever produced. Either way, I’m still pretty pumped to see Marauders when that finally drops. In case you didn’t recognize some of those names in the description:

Chris Meloni- Law & Order Guy

WWE Dave Bautista

Lydia Hull- Alright you got me, I’m not exactly sure who … is, but I guess she’s pretty hot?



Let’s make a movie!

It’ll be interesting to see if Cincinnati appears as herself or if the location scouts and producers just liked Cincinnati for the visuals and the layout and what not.


PS- Crazy fun fact: Your boy was almost once related to Bruce Willis. Yea, no bullshit. They never actually tied the knot, but once upon a time my uncle was actually engaged to Bruce’s niece or something like that. Ok, so I guess we wouldn’t have technically been related, but if Melissa and Jenny McCarthy can pretend to be cousins then I could definitely pass off Bruce as my Great Uncle. Hopefully Unc didn’t burn too much of that bridge. Hollywood is all about who you know and I gotta get my big break somehow.

Double PS- Caught Armageddon over on FX the other night and forgot how enjoyable watching Bruce Willis save the Earth was. Legit GOAT movie.

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