AJ Green Signs Extension With the Bengals


Never in the history of the Internet has a blog set up so perfectly

Did anyone really think an AJ deal wasn’t going to get done? AJ Green is a Hall Of Fame caliber receiver. Yes, barring any major injury or the worst case of Bengalization in the history of pro football, AJ Green should have himself one of those creepy bronze statues in Canton one day. You don’t just let a guy like that waltz right out the stadium doors. If the resources and the mutual interest are there, you gotta be willing to move Heaven and Earth to make that happen, although I’m not sure how many acts of God were necessary seeing as the market was already set. Not to mention AJ isn’t a T.O. or Randy Moss or even an Ochocinco that’s going to make a big stink about a contract negotiation. On the contrary, actually. AJ is the type of guy that’s always gonna say the right thing regardless of how he really feels, but I legitimately think that AJ Green enjoys being a Bengal and that this contract extension is nothing more than an expensive formality. I mean, where else is he gonna go and have as many passes tossed his way? A lot of folks out there love to argue that Green’s numbers would be significantly improved if he were to have a guy like Rodgers or Brees or Brady or Romo slinging him the rock, but the thing about those dudes is that they’re good to the point to where they share the love with so many of their receivers that AJ wouldn’t have nearly as many targets. Not saying he wouldn’t still see a bunch of passes hurled his way. After all AJ is as talented as any receiver in the game, but Andy Dalton leans heavily on AJ and he isn’t scared to just put the ball anywhere in the general direction of Green regardless of coverage. Something a more, let’s say, more “capable” quarterback might not be so willing to do. AJ might be a more effective receiver or he might have a better chance at winning a championship were he to play for another club, but at the end of the day, AJ and Andy came up together. With help from the Red Rifle, AJ Green has done wonders for this organization and it’s time we do right by him.

BTW this tweet got me harder than a motherfucking Flinstone. Almost ripped right through my work pants.

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