Start Off Your NFL Sunday With Quite Possibly the Greatest Mugshot Of All Time



A man was arrested Saturday night and accused of shooting a man in Springfield Township in July.

Police issued a warrant for Trevyn Smith, 27, after he was accused of shooting Scottie Jackson in the leg on July 27.

Jackson told police that Smith tried to shoot him twice during a verbal altercation but the gun jammed, according to court documents. On the third try, Smith allegedly shot Jackson in the leg and fled the scene.

Smith was allegedly involved in a bar fight before officers arrived. Police drew their guns during a confrontation with Smith in the parking lot of the bar, according to court documents.

Smith kept putting his hand into his pants, would not tell officers his identity and was not listening to police commands which led four Green township police officers to draw their guns, according to court documents.

When police arrested him, Smith admitted to snorting cocaine in the bar, according to court documents.



I’m not in the business of poking fun at Cincinnati’s gun problem. Far too many people have lost their lives (or jobs. Looking at you, Blackwell) over senseless acts of violence. So instead of making light of assault with a deadly weapon, consider this more of a word to the wise for all you good people out there.

There’s only two ways you can fuck up the first NFL Sunday of the year:

1.) The Bengals head out west to Oakland completely unprepared in true Marvin Lewis fashion only to walk out of there with a bloody nose and a big fat L to boot making all my football teams 0 for on the weekend.


2.) You snort a mountain of cocaine and try to fight the entire bar before the cops show up and take you away at gunpoint for an attempted murder back in July. Tough to catch those 1 pm games when you’re in a holding cell in central booking ’til Monday.

Actually… Make that 3 things:

3.) Your Mom wants to celebrate her birthday during the early slate of games rendering it impossible for you to go out with your boys and get annihilated for the first pro football Sunday of the year.

*Crosses fingers. Hopes Mom doesn’t read this.*

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