I Don’t Have Any Problem With Pacman Jones Putting the Hurt On the Raiders Yesterday



Insert cliché “Hey rookie, welcome to the NFL” joke here. Word to the wise, Amari. Gone are the days of crusty, old, Alabama football boosters that sound like Foghorn Leghorn slipping you a couple Benjamins after you beat Auburn. From here on out it’s only All Pro DB’s that aren’t scared to knock you down, kick dirt in your face, and maybe slam the back of your head into your own helmet. That’s the man’s game.

Go ahead and act like you’re ashamed to be a Bengals fan. Go ahead and act like you don’t want Pacman on your football team. Go ahead and act like Amari Cooper didn’t fold like a lawn chair after that, or that a couple series prior Pacman didn’t knock their starting QB out of the game. Nope. None of that matters. It’s all about respect and integrity and holding hands singing Kumbaya in a game that’s predicated around pounding your opponent into submission, right? I guess we’re just supposed to expect guys that make their bones crashing into other 250 lb animals to be clean cut, straight laced dudes all the time? That’s fine. Give me a defense that’s pissed off about four straight playoff losses and the national media giving them next to zero respect. That’s a crew that isn’t scared to grab folks by the collar an toss them around like a ball of dough in an Italian pizza parlor. I want bullies who aren’t scared to get physical, set the tone, and let other team’s know that this isn’t a group that you can fuck with for four quarters. If that means you have to get a little chippy after the whistle and draw a flag, then so be it.* The alley cat that ends up winning the fight usually isn’t fighting fair.


*I’ll fully double back on this statement as soon as one of those personal fouls end up costing us a game, but until then everything is all fun and games when you’re beating teams by 20 points.

PS- From CSN Bay Area

“I don’t think he should be suspended,” Cooper said. “We were just playing physical. I should’ve been playing physical. Honestly, I didn’t even know I hit my head on the helmet.”

Totally the words of a guy that just lost a bar fight. “No way, man. I didn’t hit my head on that bench. Actually I whooped that kid’s ass. I got a couple good shots in there. You saw that, right? RIGHT!?!?!?”

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