Looks Like the Black Plague Has Made It’s Way Just Over the Border Into Michigan, So That’s Cool



Via- Detroit Free Press

A Michigan resident has contracted the rare, life-threatening bubonic plague — the first documented case in Michigan’s public health history, state officials confirmed.

The Marquette County adult is recovering after apparently contracting the flea-borne illness during a trip to Colorado. Officials are reassuring the public there is no cause for alarm, despite the disease’s connection to the microorganism that caused the Black Death plague in Europe in the 1300s, killing millions and reshaping history.

With the bubonic plague, people are most often infected by bites from infected fleas or when they have direct contact with the tissues or body fluids from an infected animal. The highest risk is in settings that offer food and shelter for rodents — campsites and cabins, for example, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

The Michigander’s case did not develop into the more contagious pneumonic form of the plague. Pneumonic plague may be passed between humans, infecting the lungs and causing a rapidly developing pneumonia that can lead to respiratory failure and shock, according to the CDC.

“Theoretically, the illness can move to bloodstream or to a lung infection, but this (Michigan) individual had localized infection, so there’s no concern about transmission,” Frankovich said.

In fact, the adult is recovering after a hospitalization and diagnosis “within the past weeks.” A lab confirmed the culture Monday, Frankovich said.

State officials echoed the reassurance.

In the Michigan case, “truly there is no risk to anyone,” said Jennifer Smith, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. “This is not something that occurs (in) Michigan. … This is a person who contracted this while they were away, and the individual is making a recovery and is not a public health (threat).”

The plague is rare, with an average of seven human cases reported across the U.S. each year, according to the CDC. However, the western U.S. is experiencing an increase in reported cases of plague in 2015, with 14 human cases, including four deaths reported.



“Quick, we need ideas on how to stop the spread of the bubonic plague into our great state of Ohio. Anyone got any ideas?


Stan Van Gundy:



Oh HEEELLLLLL NO. Nope. Not a chance. That whole ebola scare was one thing but the Black Plague? Fuck that. See you later, losers. I’ve seen far too many movies to not know how this thing plays out. First, everyone rolls their eyes and thinks what’s the big deal? It’s just one case. One small little plague never hurt anybody, then before you know it the entire eastern seaboard has been knocked out. Meanwhile there was one crazy guy no one listened to that everyone pointed and laughed at who knew what was going to happen the entire. Well guess what, I’m that crazy guy this time around. I’m the guy with the “Repent Now! The End Is Near!” signs standing outside of the Reds games. So while the rest of you are laying in the streets, literally and figuratively puking and shitting your guts out, I’ll be kicked back on a beach in Mexico somewhere, far far away from here. I’m thinking Tijuana if anyone cares to join.

PS- I thought we had eradicated the Black Plague? Not entire sure how that works, but I know that’s a thing. Sort of like osmosis or a nuclear reaction. Like I know humans have the ability to harness the power of the atom or have small children not get polio anymore, but if you asked me to explain the processes behind any of those things I’d be as lost as a blind man in a shootout. I’ll just take the scientist’s word for it.

Also aren’t you supposed to get vaccinated for the plague when you’re born? I guess if you’re like Jenna Jameson’s kids and you don’t get vaccinated you kind of deserve a brush with middle aged diseases because you were just born to be weirdo anyway.

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