Former Bengal Terrell Owens Still Isn’t Doing So Hot, and By That I Mean He’s Fighting Dudes Outside Of Starbucks Now



Via TMZ Sports

The man who filed a police report claiming Terrell Owens hurled a cup of hot coffee at him went on a racist tear during the altercation, screaming the n-word and calling him a “f***ing knuckle-running, spear-chucking, monkey-ass looking motherf*****.” TMZ Sports obtained video of a portion of the altercation between T.O. and the alleged victim, a guy named Arman.

Terrell tells us Arman got aggressive with him inside a Brentwood, CA Starbucks, threw a cup of liquid at him outside the shop and repeatedly used the n-word. We now know, on the subject of racial slurs, T.O. was telling the truth. T.O. says after Arman threw a cup at him, the former football star returned the favor with his own cup of coffee.

We spoke with Arman, who first denied using the n-word. But when we told him we had the video he said he never put an “r” at the end … “I use that word and it’s very much accepted in the black community.” When we told Arman that we hear him say, “f***ing knuckle-running, spear-chucking, monkey-ass looking motherf*****,” he said, he was “purposefully racist,” adding, “I just wanted to make him mad and sad. I’m Middle Eastern and Muslim and not KKK.” Arman, who denied throwing a cup at T.O., said, “There’s freedom of speech but there’s not freedom of attack. He kicked me in the Starbucks.”



People tend to think I’m crazy when I say this, but TO could absolutely still play in the NFL. And when I say play, I don’t mean just make a roster and get a few reps here and there on special teams either. When I say play, I mean like catch at least 70 balls for 1,000 yards play. Yup, he’s that good. TO was Megatron before Megatron was Megatron. An absolute physical specimen. So why isn’t he catching passes from a QB fifteen years his junior right this second? Well, look no further than this video right here. Doesn’t matter if that fight isn’t even his fault. Trouble follows TO everywhere he goes. Whether it’s some oversized tank top wearing punk trying to throw mitts outside of Starbucks or crying on reality TV, the TO show lost it’s luster many years ago. Once you’ve seen one three ring circus you’ve seen ’em all.

Also I’ve been around enough bar fights to know that dude didn’t want ANY part of Terrell Owens. The guy pacing back and fourth outside on the sidewalk yelling and trying to get people to look at how tough he is never actually wants to throw down. It’s the guys who don’t say a word you have to watch out for. Those are the dudes who train MMA in their free time and will leave you laying on the sidewalk looking for your shattered teeth. Besides, no way the short dude who hangs out in Starbucks is actually gonna square up with a big black guy who still looks like this



Fake tough guy 101.

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