How About This Guy Who Got Stuck In An Elevator After An $86,000 Diamond Heist?

blue streak



A man who broke into a jewelry store in Sycamore Township and stole 26 diamond rings Thursday night was caught at the store when he became stuck in an elevator, police said.

Leroy Bridgman, 56, of Columbus, is accused of breaking into Diamonds Rock, at 7855 Kenwood Road in Kenwood Place, which is across from the Kenwood Towne Center.

He pried open the entrance door around 11:30 p.m. with a screwdriver and kicked in three glass doors to steal $86,000 worth of diamond rings, according to court documents.

When Bridgman tried to flee, he became stuck in an elevator with the diamond rings, screwdriver, and mask, police said.

Police said the crime was captured on surveillance video.



Never in my entire life have I been more glad to see someone get arrested. Ok, maybe Sadaam or Jerry Sandusky but after those dudes this guy is certainly in that next tier down. It’s one thing to be a petty criminal that nickels and dimes their way through life hustling stolen DVD’s and fake J’s, nobody expects much out of you then, but if you’re going to orchestrate a diamond heist you better bring your fucking A game. I’m talking spy cameras and dodging lasers and disguises and getaway vehicles. Some straight up Ocean’s Eleven or Mission Impossible type shit. Calling it quits in the stuck elevator after an $86,000 heist is literally the worst effort I’ve seen since the French Army rolled over and let the Nazis waltz right in the front door. Just an absolute disgrace to jewel thieves everywhere. If anything, that’s when the story is supposed to get good. That’s when a real thief would find a way out of that elevator and up the elevator shaft and probably parachute off the top of the building to safety or something. Hey Leroy, instead of pilfering diamonds, how about you start lifting old DVD or blue ray players or whatever the fuck the modern technology is when you finally get out of prison and start watching movies about real diamond thieves. Until then, don’t even try to talk to me unless you think you’re ready for the big leagues. Take notes, motherfucker.

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