Week 2 Recap: Hold On To the God Damn Football

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What a time to be alive! Drake and Future are dropping mixtapes and the Bengals are 2-0, tops in the AFC North. What a time to be alive indeed. So what if that wasn’t the prettiest of wins. This isn’t college ball, there’s no such things as style points. Having said that, not everything was repugnant. The offensive looked absolutely stellar once again. I know week 2 stats don’t really mean shit, but Russell Bodine and Big Whit are ranked 1 and 2 at their respective positions in those stupid PFF rankings and the rest of the O-line is quickly following suit. If they keep that up, Andy Dalton is going to continue to look fantastic as was the case yesterday. Not sure if he’s trying to fool us or not, but so far so good.

Obviously the big story on the offensive side of the ball yesterday was the Jeremy Hill fumbles, something that has really been the only knock on Hill thus far in his young NFL career. Hill got benched in college for a bad case of fumblitits, plus I’m pretty sure Marvin sat him down during the Cleveland game last year for putting the ball on the deck. I don’t really expect that to be a problem moving forward, but hold on to the God damn football, Jeremy.

Raise your hand if you had Jeremy Hill on your fantasy squad and expected him to carry your team yesterday with a favorable matchup at home against San Diego’s D

FullSizeRender (43)


On the other side of the ball, the Bengals turned in another solid defensive performance. Melvin Gordon kind of ripped us a new one, bouncing off would be tacklers left and right, but the D-line got decent pressure on Philip Rivers and was able to step up and make some big stops when they needed to.

Also we got this A+ celebration gif out of Michael Johnson

All in all, the Bengals were able to scrounge up a big time win in the home opener against a Chargers team that in all likelihood will probably end up being a pretty solid club by the time this season is dead and gone. Next up, Ravens week. A lot of folks think the Bengals are in trouble because the Ravens are 0-2 and playing with their backs against the wall, but it’s not like either of these teams are going to need any extra motivation going into Sunday’s tilt. Doesn’t matter if we’re both 0-2 or 2-0 or 1-1 or whatever. The first AFC North matchup of the year against two divisional rivals is always played like it’s for all the marbles. Plus no Ngata and no Suggs should mean another feast for our red hot O-line, although if I had a nickel for every time I thought the Bengals could do something right against Baltimore I’d have been retired to the Caymans a long time ago instead of blogging football for you, the good people.




A1 Vine work per usual from @Josh_Kirkendall

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