Redlegs News and Notes: Billy Shut Down, Votto Walks Into History


Kind of sad to think that this is the first time in a while that I’ve blogged about any real, meaningful Reds news. It’s mid-September and other teams around the division are gearing up for a playoff push and here I am struggling to generate content for a team that’s been out of the race since spring, but here we are with a few weeks left to play, so expect a couple more pieces like this as the season comes to a close. Might even fuck around and do another Great American Grub Deathmatch or two since I plan on getting down to the yard a couple more times before we close the books on 2015. That’s the type of stuff I’ll bend over backwards to do for you good people.

Billy Hamilton To Have Season Ending Shoulder Surgery

bham rehab

(Source) Billy Hamilton will undergo arthroscopic shoulder surgery later this week, ending the season for the Cincinnati Reds speedster.

General manager Walt Jocketty announced the move after Monday night’s 2-1 loss to the Cardinals. Jocketty said the surgery is set for Friday in Cincinnati.

“We think it’s in his best interest to shut him down now,” Jocketty said.

Hamilton leads the majors with a career-best 57 steals in 65 chances and is among the National League leaders with eight outfield assists. He missed the past six starts after reinjuring his shoulder, stealing a base in his lone appearance since then.

Jocketty said team doctors examined Hamilton on Saturday in Cincinnati and found no structural damage. But the GM said it would be best to get the procedure done so Hamilton will be ready for spring training.

“The idea is to do it now so he can get started on his offseason conditioning program, which starts Nov. 1,” Jocketty said.

Being a guy that’s required arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder for some time now, it’s tough for me to sit here and act like an arthroscopic procedure on a right shoulder isn’t a big deal, but Billy Hamilton having arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder isn’t a big deal. No sense in trying to scrape a few more games out of Billy at this point, so it makes total sense to shut him down now and allow him to get a head start on his rehab. If anything, maybe the early exit is a blessing in disguise. No denying that Billy struggled mightily this season (despite leading the league in steals), but a couple extra weeks to heal physically and mentally may actually work wonders. Give him plenty of time to come back 100%, hopefully with a right-handed only approach at the plate, then we can worry about getting that on base percentage up over .300.

Joey Votto Sets Franchise Record With 136 Walks

I just had to throw this in here because outside of a few local outlets here and there you probably won’t even hear about Joey Votto setting records for crazy a amount of walks in single season. But I guess that’s just indicative of the type of season JV is having. Monster numbers and smashing records left and right without so much as a pat on the ass from pretty much anyone. Perhaps the most impressive part of Joey’s 2015 season isn’t the walks or the OBP or OPS or the fact that he’s on pace to reach base 300 times, but the fact that he’s doing all these things and no one really seems to care. I’m not just talking about the national media, either. They get a free pass this time around because personally I wouldn’t care about the best player on a team that’s trying to #TakeTheCellar myself. I’m talking the general disinterest and lack of recognition from fans right here on the homefront. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before.

Barry Larkin Gives His Thoughts On the Direction Of the Franchise

Hey, lady, why don’t you just ask Barry if he’s going to join the Reds front office. We all know that’s what everyone is wondering. Yea, that’s just the latest rumor around here now. Last month it was Barry taking the reigns as manager, now folks are starting to wonder if Barry will be the next GM if and when Walt Jocketty finally gets the hook. Everything Barry said was spot on. Not necessarily new or Earth shattering news, but spot on nonetheless. Also if your brain didn’t automatically default to Skip Schumaker when Barry started talking loyalty and keeping guys around for sentimental value then you haven’t learned a God damn thing watching the Reds this year.

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