Daddy Needs a New Playlist and He Needs It STAT!


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As you can see, some of the QCBL crew and I are headed to Keenland this weekend. For all you poors and uncultured fucks out there that haven’t been to Keenland yet, let me be the first hundreth person to tell you that you’re missing out BIG TIME. Everyone gets dressed to the nines, dudes in their GQ suits, chicks in their dresses and those sexy ass sunhats and heads down to Lexington on a party bus to bet on the ponies. I love gambling and betting on horses and all, but if we’re being honest, the bus ride down is far and away the best part. It’s a great place to holler at chicks and yuck it up with your boys all while drinking at an aggressive, Spring Break-esque pace. Essentially a bar on wheels, if you will. So here’s the deal. My buddy sent out that group text asking us each for a ten song playlist for the bus ride down. Just a little background on the musical selection thus far, the majority of the tunes on that bus are going to be country songs. Not that I necessarily hate country music, I’d just say that I’m the opposite of a fan. I got my select songs and artists and what not, but for the most part I don’t want to hear about girlfriends leaving or dads dying or big green tractors while I’m trying to get geared up for blowing hundreds of dollars at the racetrack. That’s the one stipulation I have, no country music. Unless it’s a classic like ‘Wagon Wheel’ or ‘Friends In Low Places’ or something. Actually, I take that back. Those will already get played. No country music. I’m thinking more along the lines of some trap shit or late 90’s/early 2000’s hip-hop/R&B. Last year we went real heavy on the old Usher jams on the way back and had the whole bus belting ‘U Got It Bad’. You could tell the old black dude driving the bus was like, “daaayyuuummm, these white people are fucking CRAZY!” He didn’t actually say that, but you could see it in his eyes. I’m just trying to garner the same reaction this year with my playlist. So if you got any suggestions, any playlists of your own, or if you’re gonna be in Keenland yourself don’t hesitate to holler at ya boy. As always, your requests are all but guaranteed to not be guaranteed, so deal with it.

PS- Between us, really my plan is just to chat my way up to the front of the bus and commandeer the aux cord. That’s what I did last year on the way back and hit everyone with that heat for like 2/3 of the way home until everyone got pissed and booted me to the back of the bus.

Sneak peak at the QCBL Keenland bus on Saturday

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