Some Bro Stole Bronson Arroyo’s Yacht and Tried To Sell It, Bronson Doesn’t Give AF



Authorities say a former personal assistant for Major League pitcher Bronson Arroyo fraudulently sold Arroyo’s yacht in Florida.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports 38-year-old Anthony Acosta was arrested Monday in Tampa and charged with grand theft and forgery.

Authorities say Acosta sold Arroyo’s vessel — valued at approximately $167,000 — for $22,000 in July 2013. He had been fired in 2012.

Authorities say the new owners attempted to get their money back after discovering a lien on the boat. Officials say Arroyo learned about the sale when the new owners contacted him following their dispute with Acosta.


arroyo dude


How do you know you’ve finally made it in life? Is it a high six figure salary and a vacation spot in the Keys? Is it having a job that doesn’t make you want to jump out of tenth story window? If you asked that question to a thousand different people you’d probably get a thousand different answers, but personally, I think it’s tough to doubt someone has officially made it when their yacht gets stolen and they don’t even really care. Not even just owning a yacht in the first place. That’s not enough. I’m talking you wake up one morning to a voicemail that says your yacht has been illegally sold off and you’re all like, “fuck it. I’ll just buy a new one. I’m too busy holding it the fuck down and entertaining my two live in girlfriends to worry about that right now. I’ll just deal with that shit tomorrow. Now roll over, ladies. We got some more pressing business to deal with.” That’s how you know you’re poppin’. That’s how you know Bronson Arroyo is a made man.

On the flip side, you probably know you’re not a made man when you flip a $167,000 boat for $22k. What kind of fuck boy, washed up used car salesman shit is that? I know boats lose their value faster than bowl of guacamole left out on the counter for too long, but I’ve gotta believe that you could get at least $50k for that beast. Just find some shady Hispanic dudes who traffic humans in and out of Miami and ask for 50 large on the spot. No contingencies, no loans, straight cash. Sure you run the risk of lying face down at the bottom of the Biscayne, but if you’re a criminal at a point in your life where you’re hustling stolen boats for 22 grand that extra cheese might just be worth taking a chance.

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