“Concussion? What’s That?” – Pete Rose



YES! It’s happening! It only took 163 games, but it’s finally happening. I knew back in April when Fox announced Pete was joining the panel that it was only a matter of time before we saw Pete flash his true colors:

From original post back in April:

Normally I wouldn’t bat an eye at a former player getting a TV deal, but when I heard Pete was set to grace the green screen I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Got up off the couch, grabbed my phone and started firing out texts and tweets left and right. Make no mistake about it, old school, hard knock, Pete Rose bumping heads with TV nerds will be appointment television. Stop what you’re doing and get your ass in front of a TV screen because the Hit King is about to sound off.

Huh? Concussion? Isn’t that one of those made up things Nancy boys say they have whenever they get a headache? ALS? What’s that stand for, All these Losers Suck? If anyone in the history of the universe isn’t the type of guy to understand or accept the affects of concussions and concussion protocol, it’s West Side Pete Rose. I’m just thrilled we’re at a point now where Pete feels comfortable enough in his role to just say whatever the fuck he wants regardless of any sort of backlash. Although if I know Pete, and I think I do, we won’t see the Hit King backpedal on anything he says just because a couple Internet sissies get their panties all up in a bunch. They’ll never admit it, but somewhere, there’s a couple Fox executives smiling, cheer-sing their drinks, because their guy Pete Rose is appointment television.



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