Remember Randy Quaid? Well Apparently He’s Getting Arrested For Trying To Hop the Border These Days

shitters full

You remember Randy Quaid? Aka Russell Case from Independence Day aka Cousin Eddie from Vacation?

It’s not often I see a picture on the Internet that really makes me laugh out loud, but the other day I saw this candid photo of Randy and I caught myself audibly chuckling at my desk:

Instagram worthy.

I had always known that Randy Quaid had a screw (or ten) loose. He’s the crazy Quaid brother who believes in Aliens and conspiracy theories and is one of those guys that’s so off his rocker he literally can’t even live life properly. Well apparently Randy is still on par because here he is finding himself in some hot water again.

From TMZ:

“Randy Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested Friday night after trying to sneak back in to the U.S.

They are truly a couple without a country. Randy and Evi fled to Canada after California authorities got a felony arrest warrant against both in 2010 … cops say they were involved in a burglary.

Problem was … Canada didn’t want them either … they had to leave by October 14.

Their re-entry plan foiled, Immigration authorities in Vermont are now holding them on $500k bond. It appears California will try and extradite them for prosecution on the burglary.”

I don’t know why I thought this was so funny and/or blogworthy. Perhaps because Randy’s transformation from Russell Case to the mad scientist from Independence Day is fully complete

or perhaps this makes Randy the greatest method actor of all time. Crazy guy playing crazy guy roles. Randy Quaid, potential GOAT candidate.


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