I Guess Rex Ryan Thinks He’s Slick AF Signing Josh Johnson and Trying To Steal Our Plays Now?

josh johnson

The NFL is a copycat league for sure, and I guess skinny Rex has seen enough of Belichick secretly videotaping signing washed players from rival teams and getting as much intel as he can out of them in 7 days before chewing them up and shitting them back out sideways. Realistically is Josh Johnson playing Benedict Arnold up in Buffalo this week really gonna make that much of a difference come Sunday? Probably not, but if I’m a kid in a candy store and I had a say in the matter (obviously I don’t. I’m an idiot with a keyboard), I’d rather not have JJ on the Bills payroll this week.

Also I stumbled across this picture of Pacman this morning and I’ve decided that from here on out I’m going to use this photograph as a substitute for that Kermit drinking tea meme


Rex Ryan signed a former Bengals backup QB in an effort to steal our plays and he still has to start EJ Manuel against a 5-0 team on Sunday but that’s none of my business


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