Johnny Cueto Will Pitch In the ALCS


I think I realized tonight that Johnny Cueto may be my favorite Cincinnati athlete ever. I can’t ever think of another guy that I missed as badly once they were gone as Johnny in KC. No gas, I probably miss Johnny Beisbol more than any chick I’ve ever been involved with personally. Seriously. It’s like every time I see him blow some schmuck away with a 94 mph heater or a quick pitch or his patented rocking chair move I legitimately feel a wave of sadness come over me. Like why couldn’t this happen here? Why is the only lasting image I have of Johnny in the playoffs when he was dropping balls on the rubber while dickhead Pirate fans catcalled his name? WHY CAN’T ANYTHING GOOD EVER HAPPEN FOR US WHEN THESE GUYS ARE HERE?!?!? WHHYYYYYY?????

Congrats to Johnny though. Hope he ends up getting a ring because if anyone deserves one it’s him.


PS- The commentators on the postgame show just said Johnny was referring to himself in the third person in his on field interview and if that’s true we’re probably looking at my favorite Johnny Beisbol moment of all time and that’s saying something considering everything else that could take the crown as my favorite Johnny Cueto moment of all time. Excuse me while I go drown my sorrows. Good thing I still have half a bottle left over from this weekend.

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