Former Red Jonny Gomes Was Out There Wrecking Lives In the Royals Postgame Celebration Last Night



First things first, I think it’s safe to say that the probably concussed, small child in question is Jonny Gomes’ kid? If not, mom probably would have been a lot more pissed and in the cutthroat, get rich or die tryin’ world of 2015 we’d probably be hearing of potential lawsuits and what not. But since none of that happened, we’ll just go ahead and say that’s Jonny’s kid, in which case getting damn near decapitated on the field celebrating a big win is no big deal. That’s what dads do, they fuck up sometimes. When I was a kid I’m pretty sure my pops accidentally ran me in to a door. Still got the scar to prove it, but looked how I turned out. If anything, I feel like you’re not really a true Gomes until you take a shot to the dome celebrating an ALDS victory. Like it’s a family rite of passage of sorts. Does this look like a guy who’s going to take it easy when there’s a party going on?


Also while we’re on the subject, congrats to Johnny Gomes. Cueto was the guy who got all the love from Reds fans last night, but honestly I had no idea Jonny was on KC’s roster. Come to think of it, Gomes has actually put together a good little track record of finding his way on to winning teams throughout his career. Good for him. Not sure if I’m supposed to be happy or sad about an ALDS that’s going to feature about a million former Reds while we’re over here still licking our wounds from a 98 loss season.

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