Rate UC’s New Under Armour Basketball Jerseys

new unis2

mick unis

new unis3

Forgot to blog this yesterday, but we’ll just pretend that doesn’t matter so here goes.


The shorts- Dare I say the best since the Jordan Jumpman shorts?

The socks- Being a big sock snob myself I’d be remissed if I didn’t find some sort of way to acquire a pair for this winter.


The Juncta Juvant emblem at the bottom of the jersey- You know those things have to be tucked in, right?

Under Armour basketball- No. Just no. Give me Wilson or give me death.

I’m on board with these. Jersey’s are a little plain, but the shorts pick up the slack. I dig how UC and UA are committed to sticking with that triangle pattern which is a little weird since that was inspired by a few windows, but it does look good. I think the biggest thing with these new jerseys is the fit. Very tight. Gone are the days of the baggy, Steve Logan shorts

Tight is in. Toight like a toiger.

Again they’re no Jumpman unis (doubt those will ever be topped), but they’re certainly better than the Adidas.

Overall Rating:

4 flames

4 fire

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