NFL Network Brought Cameras Into the Bengals Locker Room After the Game and WHOOPS There’s a Bunch Of Naked Dudes Everywhere





Full NSFW (but not really NSFW) video here.


First of all, grow up, people. We’re all mature adults here. You walk into a locker room you’re gonna see a whole lotta dicks and balls and butts. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Super Bowl winning locker room or your local YMCA, that’s just how locker rooms work. If anything, that Bengals locker room seems pretty tame from a nudity standpoint. I think all I saw was a couple cheeks and maybe like half a chub? Big deal. Every time I walk into the locker room at my gym there’s at least one old dude, naked as the day he was born, dick flapping in the breeze and his century old nutsack hanging down to his knees. On a scale of 1-10, this was like a 3, maybe even a two. Besides, if you haven’t seen a grown dick at this point in your life I just feel sorry for you.

Second of all, that’s what you get you get when you decide to bring cameras into a 6-0 locker room. You bring cameras into a 2-4 or 1-5 locker room you might have guys ducking behind lockers and scurrying to the showers trying to hide their shriveled loser dicks, but not a team that’s 6-0. Just be lucky my good friend Pacman Jones didn’t whip out his log and give a hog show to the entire country on National TV, because 6-0 locker rooms do whatever they want.


h/t Deadspin

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